Alameda Terminals Access Initiatives

The City of Alameda City Council authorized a residential permit program for the Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal area in February 2017. City of Alameda staff has coordinated with the Harbor Bay Master Homeowner’s Association to develop a strategy for implementing the residential permit and enforcement program, including outreach to surrounding communities and ferry riders. On June 27, the City began the outreach effort with cooperation from WETA through the Bay Alerts system. The City will continue its outreach process through the end of August and begin active enforcement in September 2017. To make up for the loss of parking, WETA has been working with the City to develop strategies to enhance alternative access to the terminal. WETA has recently executed an agreement with AC Transit to offer a free transfer to ferry riders that take the bus to the ferry. In addition, bike lockers have been upgraded and new bike racks are being installed.

At the request of the Harbor Bay Homeowner’s Association and the City of Alameda, WETA has been considering a parking fee at the Harbor Bay lot. WETA staff has engaged a parking specialist consultant and will be evaluating potential parking fee programs, not just for Harbor Bay but for the entire WETA system. A program of systemwide parking fee program policy goals was approved by the WETA Board in November 2016 and it will be used to guide the development of a specific paid parking program for the Harbor Bay Terminal site. Staff anticipates bringing a recommendation for a parking fee program in the fall.

At Main Street, WETA staff has worked with City staff since spring 2015 to open the Officer’s Club parking lot as an overflow lot for the many riders parking on dirt lots or on the shoulders of Main Street. WETA funded a new crosswalk and minor improvements to the lot which opened to ferry riders on May 24, 2016. Aside from parking, installation of 20 bicycle lockers at the Main Street terminal -- funded through a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District -- occurred on February 22, 2016. Staff will shift its focus to additional improvements that can be made related to alternative terminal access modes such as buses, shuttles, bicycles, and pedestrian improvements after the parking improvements are underway. Staff has recently met with private companies such as Lyft, Chariot and Scoop in an effort to explore alternative options for improving transportation options for ferry riders in Alameda and elsewhere.