INVITATION for BID: Mission Bay Interim Ferry Landing

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT SEALED BIDS will be received by the Planning and Development Manager of the San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (hereinafter “WETA”) at Pier 9, Suite 111, San Francisco, CA 94111, until 2:00 p.m. on June 28, 2019, at which time bids will be publicly opened and read for the following Project: IFB #19-005 – Mission Bay Interim Ferry Landing.

The work to be completed includes transportation of WETA’s spare passenger float, gangway and steel pipe piles from Mare Island in the City of Vallejo and installing the components for an interim ferry landing at Pier 48.5 in San Francisco. The intent of the is project is to provide a temporary ferry landing until construction of the permanent Mission Bay ferry terminal project is completed. The ferry landing will require installation of WETA’s 4 30-inch steel pipe guide piles. Two of the 30-inch steel pipe piles will require welding to lengthen the piles to address site specific geotechnical conditions. The contractor will be responsible for providing one 18-inch steel pipe pile to support construction of a steel landing platform adjacent to the existing pile supported Pier 48.5 wharf area. The landing platform will provide the landside gangway connection. Modifications to the passenger float gangway landing platform to accommodate gangway are also required. The contractor will be responsible for providing insurance and licenses as necessary, including all other times and services necessary or incidental to providing a complete improvement according to the Contract Documents.

The bidder shall include in its bid and provide all labor, tools and materials for a complete and working Project in conformance with the intent shown on the drawings and as specified herein. To learn more, download the IFB documents below.

Key Dates (subject to change):

WETA issues Invitation for Bid: June 7, 2019
Bidders (Pre-Bid) Conference: June 12, 2019
Deadline for submissions of questions and clarifications: June 19, 2019
Final Addendum: June 20, 2019
WETA Receives and opens bids: June 28, 2019
Submit bid evaluation results to WETA’s Executive Director: July 1, 2019
WETA Board Meeting: July 11, 2019

Download IFB 19-005: Mission Bay Interim Ferry Landing

Volume 1:  Bidding and Contract Documents (115 pp PDF, 914 KB Download)
Volume 2:  General Requirements (41 pp PDF, 312 KB Download)
Volume 3:  Technical Specifications (21 pp PDF, 190 KB Download)

Attachment A:  Drawings (14 pp PDF, 18.2 MB Download)
Attachment B:  Permits and Mitigation Measures (80 pp PDF, 14.7 MB Download)

Addendum 1: Questions and Answers (1 p PDF, 280 KB Download)
Addendum 2: Questions and Answers; Pre-Bid Conference Sign-in Sheet, June 12, 2019 (4 pp PDF, 640 KB Download)
Addendum 3: Questions and Answers (2 pp PDF, 295 KB Download)
Addendum 4: Questions and Answers; Revised Bid Guaranty Bond Form; List of Subcontractors Form (5 pp PDF, 427 KB Download)

IFB 19-005: Notice of Intent to Award (1 p PDF, 300 KB Download)

Reference Materials
Reference 1: Temporary Passenger Float As-Built Drawings (35 pp PDF, 5 MB Download)
Reference 3: Bathymetric Survey (3 pp PDF, 800 KB Download)
Reference 5: Geotechnical Borings (21 pp PDF, 980 KB Download)

Chad Mason, Project Manager
(415) 364-1745
Pier 9, Suite 111, The Embarcadero
San Francisco, California 94111