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About Richmond Ferry Terminal and Service

The San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) is proposing to establish a new ferry route between the existing San Francisco Ferry Terminal and a new ferry terminal on the Ford Peninsula in the City of Richmond. Passengers would embark/disembark at the San Francisco terminal and at a proposed terminal on the Ford Peninsula on the southern waterfront in the City of Richmond.

The proposed terminal site is approximately 1.5 miles south of the Richmond downtown core. A figure illustrating the proposed location and early conceptual plan is presented below. The concept plans are presented below. The proposed Richmond ferry terminal would be at the southern point of Ford Peninsula, adjacent to the Ford Building along an existing wharf. In general, the proposed new terminal would replace an existing ferry facility consisting of a gangway, float, ramping system and piles. The proposed terminal would include a gangway that would lead from the plaza adjacent to the existing wharf to a new passenger float. The new passenger float would be approximately 10 percent larger than the existing float and would accommodate one ferry vessel at a time for passenger loading and unloading. The new gangway and ramping system would be compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Ferry passenger parking would be at an existing parking lot to the west of the Ford Building. Alternatives for expansion of parking facilities are also under study. Other project features include an access gate with informational signage and a waiting area at the Craneway Pavilion within the Ford Building. The project would include minor reconfiguration of the existing parking lot and trail improvements in the project vicinity. The project could also include improvements to existing facilities in Sheridan Point Park. Construction activities would generally include demolition of the existing facility, replacement of existing piles, construction of the gangway, and placement of the float. Minor grading and excavation could be necessary for parking lot reconfiguration and trail and access improvements.

To view a recent summary of the Project design, download Richmond Ferry Terminal Design Summary (11 pp PDF, 4.8 MB Download)

NEW! See information on the ADA kayak launch built in the nearby Marina Bay Yacht Harbor to replace an existing kayak float at the ferry terminal site that was removed during construction.

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