DBE/SBE Networking List for WETA's 2022 Electric Vessel Construction Project

The San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) intends to release an RFP for the construction of one (1) new passenger-only 46 CFR subchapter K ferry vessel in the winter of 2022, with the potential to include an optional second vessel. As technical specifications are developed for the second vessel, WETA will determine if this second vessel should be an option to this RFP to or if it is better suited to be included in a separate RFP.

This passenger only electric catamaran will be designed and constructed for efficient and reliable ferry service. Specific routing for this ferry will be determined based on current ongoing electrical studies. The expected passenger capacity target range may be 250-400 passengers with a minimum service speed range of 21-30 knots. This vessel construction project will be funded in part with Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds.

Fill out the form below to receive information on this construction project and to be listed as an interested contractor or subconsultant on the project's networking list. This list is being created and posted to provide a forum for prime contractors and subcontractors to trade contact information and network in advance of the release of the bid documents.

Contact Information

Project Manager
Tim Hanners, Operations

DBE Administrator
Lauren Gularte