2050 Service Vision & Business Plan

NEW! WETA will hold a public Board of Directors workshop on the 2050 Service Vision on Monday, April 17 at 2 PM. The service vision evaluation memo and presentation slides are now available.

Water transit is a vital part of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. What should it look like in the coming decades?

WETA is developing a shared vision of the San Francisco Bay Area ferry system in 2050, including the level of service and extent of WETA ferry operations and emergency response.

This “Service Vision” informs how WETA operates in the future and what changes will need to be made to get there. The vision will serve as the foundation of WETA's Business Plan, which will present the specific strategies and actions required to achieve the 2050 Service Vision. Strategies and goals are divided across six Focus Areas.

This service visioning effort is a unique opportunity to re-imagine water transit and address emerging priorities concerning the environment, equity, economic development, emergency response and quality of life throughout the Bay Area.

Bay Ferry 2050 Project Timeline

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To learn more about how you can contribute to this project, visit Bay Ferry 2050 microsite where you can subscribe to updates, share your feedback and more.