Ron Cowan Central Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility

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The Ron Cowan Central Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility is the new home of the San Francisco Bay Ferry fleet in the central bay, providing a consolidated base to maintain vessels operating on its Alameda/Oakland, Alameda Harbor Bay, Richmond and South San Francisco ferry routes. The facility also includes an Operations Control Center for service dispatch and an Emergency Operations Center that will serve as a primary location for WETA to coordinate the provision of emergency transportation services in the event of a regional disaster or transportation disruption.

JOIN US for a ribbon-cutting and tour of the new facility on December 13, 2018, at 1:30 p.m. You'll be able to see the building up close and learn more about how WETA's new Central Bay facility will improve San Francisco Bay Ferry service and emergency response. Please RSVP through Eventbrite.

The project site is located near Pier 3 of the Naval Air Station Base Realignment and Closure area known as Alameda Point (see map below) and includes development of approximately 1 acre of landside property and 1/2 acre within San Francisco Bay. The site was previously home to remnants of a former small vessel marina operated by the U.S. Navy. The new harbor seal haul-out was installed to the east of the facility.

The facility includes a 70-foot high four-story building and working yard along the Alameda Point shoreline that supports light repair and maintenance work, spare parts storage, concession supply, administrative office space, records storage and deliveries. Across the street (W. Hornet Avenue) from the building, WETA has built a diesel fuel facility with a total storage capacity of 48,000 gallons – enough to operate WETA’s central bay services for up to a week in the event of an emergency. The fueling set-up also allows use of renewable diesel in the fleet.

Extending from the shoreline of the project site and into the Bay is a marine facility with berthing slips for 12 ferry vessels. Each slip has been outfitted with equipment to deliver fuel and utility hook-ups to WETA vessels, while a limited number of slips are specially outfitted to meet regular vessel maintenance needs such as engine oil changes and life raft servicing.

As part of the project, WETA committed to making the surrounding areas of its project site more attractive and accessible for Alameda residents and the public at-large. WETA improved a half-acre of land adjacent to the project site. This includes expansion of the San Francisco Bay Trail, construction of a shoreline viewing terrace, bicycle parking, interpretive signage, improved lighting and landscaping, and seating.

The total construction cost of the project was $50 million, funded by State Proposition 1B, federal funds and Regional Measure 2 toll revenue. Construction began in 2016 and was completed in 2018.

site plan

Preliminary concept design for new multi-story building and public access improvements located southeast of the intersection of West Hornet Avenue and Ferry Point Road at Alameda Point

site plan

Preliminary concept design of new berthing slips for up to 12 vessels