Fleet Electrification Project: Request for Information

WETA Zero Emissions ProjectThe San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA), the agency that manages San Francisco Bay Ferry, is seeking technical input from vendors to inform design decisions related to the propulsion and shoreside charging systems for its Fleet Electrification Project.

WETA’s electrification plan calls for shifting a significant part of its fleet to zero emissions by 2035. The shift requires a “fleet-wide” approach to ferry electrification that includes the construction of multiple vessel classes, as well as substantial shoreside infrastructure to support their charging. The initial electrification will involve up to five vessels of two classes.

To support these vessels and continued expansion, terminal charging will be installed at six floats at four different terminals. This Request for Information (RFI) seeks to:

  • Verify feasibility of high-speed all-electric service in the Central Bay corridor of San Francisco Bay.
  • Obtain key input from propulsion and shoreside charging system integrators.
  • Support future fully-funded new vessel and terminal construction.

Please see more information and submit information via our Bonfire hub.