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Project Update

May 11: Parking lot 2 progress continued this week with forming and pouring of additional crenelated curbs around the planter areas and sandblasting the finish on the curbs that have been preciously placed. Installation of the irrigation system underground infrastructure continues in Lot 3 and in the East and West landscape areas. Landscape subcontractor continues placing compost amended soil.

Passenger shelter work this week included inserting the rebar cage inside the monopile and placing rebar and conduit for the passenger shelter.

Next week will see site work including placement of concrete for the passenger shelter and trenching for the storm drains. The keel for the passenger float will be laid at the Kie-Con yard in Antioch.

Project Update

April 27: Parking lot 2 progress continued this week with forming and pouring of crenelated curbs around the planter areas, installation of the irrigation system underground infrastructure and partial backfill of planter areas with compost amended soil. The contractor has started drilling for parking lot lighting foundations.

Passenger shelter work includes forming and setting imbeds.

Manson’s concrete subcontractor, Swisher, built mock ups for the plaza flatwork and various finish treatments for the parking lot curbs.

Next week will see the work in parking lot 2 continuing and the start of rebar in the passenger shelter.

Project Update

April 20: Site work this week included removal of lime treated soil in planter areas, forming for curbs around planter areas, installation of irrigation and construction of falsework and form work for the passenger shelter. The work in the planter areas, Irrigation, soil removal and forming of curbs, occurred in lot 2.

A waterline serving a Port of Richmond Fire hydrant began leaking into one of the planter areas this week and had to be shut off. The leak would not appear to have been caused by our activities but, was only discovered because we had excavated to a depth where the flowing water was discovered. We are working with the City to determine a further course of action.

Next week will see the work around the planter areas and the passenger shelter continuing and drilling for parking area light foundations will start.

Project Update

April 13: Site work this week included stripping forms from last week’s concrete pour, continuing trenches for parking lot lighting conduit and pull boxes and excavation of soil in the planter areas. The contractor also began building the falsework for the passenger shelter.

Next week will see forming and pouring of curbs and wheel stops, continuation of work on the Joint trench and falsework and start of irrigation system installation.

Project Update

April 6: The big news for the Richmond Ferry Terminal project for this week is that the pile cap/foundation rebar has been completed and the concrete has been placed.

The electrical trenching for parking lot and street lights are in and have been covered with slurry as well as most of the Joint trench along Harbour Way South. Additional conduit and preparations for the irrigation infrastructure were also done.

Offhaul of excavated soil that wnet to contaminated material disposal facilities was completed this week before the anticipated Friday rain. Next week the forms for the pile cap/foundation will see be stripped and we will see further progress on the forms for the passenger shelter. The electrical subcontractor will begin drilling holes for CIP parking lot lighting foundations and will extend the joint trench to the Pile cap/foundation.

Project Update

March 30: With resumption of dry weather the pace of construction has accelerated. Fabrication of passenger shelter forms continues and installation of pile cap/foundations forms is nearly complete, The lower levels of rebar for the pile cap/foundation have been installed and rebar for this structure should be completed early next week.

The electrical trenching for parking lot and street lights as well as the joint trench along Harbour Way south are nearing completion, including installation of conduit and pull boxes. The contractor expects to partially backfill the trenches with slurry this Saturday.

Next week will see further progress on the pile cap/foundation rebar placement of forms and reinforcing steel for the plaza foundation/pile cap. The contractor will begin installing street light/parking lot light foundation next week as well.

Project Update

March 23: Despite wet weather, site clearing and demolition continued. The excavation for the plaza area foundation/pile cap has been completed and fabrication of the forms for this and the passenger shelter are moving along smartly. Conduits and pull boxes have been installed for the parking lot lighting in lot 2 and partially installed in lot 3. Removal of trees has been completed.

Next week will see further progress on parking lot lights and placement of forms and reinforcing steel for the plaza foundation/pile cap.

Project Update

March 16: Demolition and site clearing continued this week somewhat hampered by wet weather. The remainder of the existing site lighting poles were dropped (gently) and handed over to the City electrical staff. The plaza area concrete has been removed as well as the concrete foundations that supported the old kayak launch facility. Crews continue building forms for the plaza area foundation and are starting on soffit forms for the passenger shelter. The shrubbery along the south side of the site has been cleared.

Excavation of the plaza area foundation will resume after two days of dry weather, potentially as early as Monday. Next week, demolition will continue in parking area 3 (the southern most parking area).

Project Update

March 9: The foundation piles are in and driven to grade. Demolition of plaza, parking area and sidewalks is well underway. All of the saw cutting for demolition is complete except for parking lot 3 which remains in use by Ford Building tenants. The asphalt in the planter and walkway areas in lots 1 and 2 has been removed as has the sidewalk along the West side of Harbour Way South. Much of the old fencing has been taken down and the old concrete piles which used to line the parking area have all been reduced to rubble with the rebar extracted. Contractor has started building concrete forms for the plaza foundation and the passenger shelter soffit.

Project Update

March 3: The bottom halves of the four plaza foundation piles were driven to grade and cut fair. The upper halves have been lofted, welded into place and the welds have been inspected. Things are in readiness to finishing the pile driving early next week. Site demolition continues with saw cutting asphalt and concrete around the site.

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